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ou won’t find our teachers just standing at the whiteboard or sitting behind their desks. You will find them working on lessons on the floor, taking students out to garden or refill the bird feeders, assisting each other in the teacher’s lounge, sitting in a circle discussing the attributes of Allah with the students, or talking to the students about the social realities they face. Our star staff members don’t limit the positive impact they can have on the students’ lives.

Our staff consists of individuals dedicated to our school mission and philosophy by serving the students. Whether working in the Early Childcare Center, the Montessori, the elementary school, the middle school, or administration, our staff understands that success lies in unity, not individuality.

Our school promotes collaboration both within and across grade levels to help teachers learn what they can do better to prepare their students for the future, whether it be in the next grade level or beyond. Through sharing of best practices in our Professional Learning Communities on a weekly basis, our staff members help each other grow and thrive in their departments and together as a school.

To bring out the very best in our students, our staff must bring their best into the classroom. Therefore, all of our teachers are required to complete several hours of professional development in classroom management, curriculum planning, lesson execution, reading success, Islamic integration, and more. They must also all be certified, pursuing certifications, and/or be experts in their fields. When interviewing teachers, the primary qualification we seek is how the teacher connects with the students, as their primary goal is to find the best way possible to reach each and every student. Through working at ILM Academy, many staff members have been encouraged in past years to further their own education through seeking certifications as aides or moving on to seek a Master’s degree.


Ms. Zuhaira
Ms. Zuhaira Razzack
Ms. Vicki
Ms. Vicki Esaklul
Vice Principal
Ms. Huma Aslam
Administrative Assistant
Ms. Aretha
Ms. Aretha Abioye
ECC Assistant Director
Ms. Ayesha Haque
Business Coordinator
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Ms. Amel
Ms. Amel Bouarar
Gr. 1-3 Islamic Studies / Arabic I
Ms. Annie
Ms. Annie Chauhan
Gr. 4 Homeroom Teacher
Ms. Ayesha M.
Ms. Ayesha Moolla
Montessori Co-Teacher
Ms. Dima
Ms. Dima Shammout
Gr. 3-8 Quran / Arabic IV
Ms. Eman
Ms. Eman Shalaby
Gr. 6 Homeroom Teacher
Coach Farooq
Mr. Farooq Razvi
Gr. 1-8 Computer Teacher & PE Co-Teacher
Ms. Heba
Ms. Heba Badawi
Gr. 3 Homeroom Teacher
Ms. Huma H.
Ms. Huma Hanif
Gr. 1 Homeroom Teacher
Ms. Ibtihag
Ms. Ibtihag Hussein
ECC Teacher Aide
Ms. Kawthar
Ms. Kawther Ali
Gr. 4-8 Islamic Studies
Ms. Kishwer
Ms. Kishar Sharif
Montessori Teacher Aide
Ms. Maisa
Ms. Maisa Meziou
Gr. 8 Homeroom Teacher
Ms. Mari
Ms. Maricella Rabago
Montessori Lead Teacher
Ms. Nabila
Ms. Nabila Kaddour
Gr. 1 & 2 Arabic
Ms. PJ Williams
Gr. 7 Homeroom Teacher
Ms. Saba
Ms. Saba Al Anbaki
Gr. 3 & 4 Arabic
Ms. Sabah
Ms. Sabah Khan
Gr. 1-6 Art Teacher
Ms. Shafaq
Ms. Shafaq Iqbal
ECC Toddler Lead Teacher
Ms. Shatha
Ms. Shatha Qadhi
ECC & Montessori Arabic
Ms. Sheryza
Ms. Sheryza Rasheed
Montessori Teacher Aide
Ms. Shikha Ahmed
ECC Infant Lead Teacher
Ms. Sumera
Ms. Sumera Wahidi
Montessori Lead Teacher
Ms. Tania
Ms. Tania Abdullah
ECC & Montessori Arabic/Quran/IS
Ms. Tanzeela
Ms. Tanzeela Aziz
Gr. 5 Homeroom Teacher
Ms. Tara
Ms. Tara Turk-Zaafran
Middle School Social Studies
MS. Zainab Abdulhameed
Montessori Co-Teacher
Ms. Zareen
Ms. Zareen Masood
Gr. 2 Homeroom Teacher

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+1 713-464-4720

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 Our hours of operation are from 7:55 am to 3:30 pm on all school days other than breaks and holidays, such as, but not limited to, Labor Day, Eid ul-Adha, Thanksgiving break, and winter break.

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