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ILM Academy students shine every day, whether in their behavior or academics. One measure of that success is in the standardized testing results. As a school, we believe that authentic assessment of student achievement is measured on a daily basis through a variety of activities over an extended period of time and not by a single test administered on a single day, however, standardized tests do provide a benchmark against which to measure the progress of the students and the school. Results from the Stanford Achievement Test and Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test show that ILM Academy students score well above their peers nationwide across grade levels.

Measures of Academic Progress(MAP)Test- 2015

The graph below shows how ILM Academy students compared to other students nationwide in both reading and math at both the winter and spring administrations of the MAP test. The MAP test does not give a grade level equivalency, but rather a raw score (called a RIT score) that they compare to national norms of students of the same grade level nationwide taking the test in the same time period.

Stanford Achievement Test- Spring 2015

The graph below shows how ILM Academy students compared to other students nationwide in terms of their grade level equivalency as determined by the results of their Stanford Achievement testing. The graph shows at which grade level these students performed on the test. This test covers areas including reading, math, language, spelling, science and social studies. Note: Grade level equivalencies are not provided for first grade.


ILM Academy promotes academic excellence and Islamic values in a nurturing environment that empowers students to reach their highest academic potential while preparing them to become leaders in the service of their families, their communities, and God.


ILM Academy is committed to providing an education of the highest academic caliber implementing sound educational theory and practice that will enable our children to become leaders in a new, globalized society. Rooted in strong Islamic values, students will strengthen and maintain their Islamic identity while recognizing the diversity inherent in the world around them. Through a challenging and diverse curriculum that integrates all disciplines in an Islamic environment, students will develop the leadership potential and balanced character needed to face the challenges that lie ahead.

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About our Adminstration
Committed to excellence and growth
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Ms. Zuhaira Razzack
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About our Alumni
Making their marks on the world

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Our remarkable alumni are a vital component of our school. We are sincerely proud of all our alums and revere their phenomenal confidence. We are proud to say that 100% of our alumni are in Advanced Placement and/or honors courses in their high schools. Some of whom are attending private, magnet, and charter schools maintaining positions in the top 20% of their class. ILM Academy Alumni reflect confidence in practicing Islam among their non-Muslim peers as well as confidence in their identity and knowledge about Islam to answer questions and have conversations about Islam with their peers.

Overall, they feel that ILM Academy has prepared them to maintain their Islamic Identity in high school, which is the main Mission and Vision of our school. They love to keep in touch and stay involved by volunteering at our events, attending our workshops and our Gala, and participating in our annual Alumni Project with fellow Middle School students. We value their input and discuss at alumni meetings how ILM Academy can further improve its operations.

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+1 713-464-4720

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 Our hours of operation are from 7:55 am to 3:30 pm on all school days other than breaks and holidays, such as, but not limited to, Labor Day, Eid ul-Adha, Thanksgiving break, and winter break.

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